Welcome to Uncovering Wonder!

Uncovering Wonder is a place where the creative arts are used for transformation, healing and joy. 

 How do I know this is true?  My students tell me that their lives are changed. I can see the changes because this is my life work. I have dedicated the last thirty five years of my life  to this work.

Indian Canyons

 I live in a desert.  I am aware how important watering holes are.  Our creativity may be a parched land waiting for refreshment.  And when you water it, life grows…

I know that some of you have a strong passion for the arts,  you may consider yourself an artist or a musician. Others may be literally forcing themselves to face each day.  And what if  you are one who says, “I’m not a writer” or even, “I hated piano lesson as a kid.”  I would laugh and reply with a big smile, “Perfect! You are so welcome here!”

This site is dedicated to those who want to delve deeper into life, even when it looks like discouragement.

For all those who have taken my classes, you know that creating in a non-judgmental, safe space is very  important to me.  This allows our creativity to unfurl.  Currently all classes meet in an online classroom.

Please enjoy looking through this website.  The blogs will let you enjoy experiential work as well as evidence based/medically researched work, antidotes, instruction.  You will find beauty, joy and wisdom here.

Thank you for joining me.

Diane “Annie” Mathias, MA