Documentary Video: 26 Days Walking Labyrinths

Documentary Video: 26 Days Walking Labyrinths

This was a shared and powerful experience…

Labyrinth walking is a wonderful and powerful practice. We walked for 26 consecutive days in January 2015, every walk began with a
flute song played as a heart prayer.   We  started with day with a word, our suggested intention.   We thought about this we entered into theflute song labyrinth. Sometimes folks read poems or taught a song.   A few painted and sketched drawings of the labyrinths. It was a time of focused meditation. It was a time of depth and reflection, sharing and joy. These walks changed our lives.Day 3 sherry walking

Resources for Uncovering Wonder’s Diane “Annie” Mathias created this short documentary; most of the “walkers” are included. This is our story.   We share this after walking one labyrinth a day for almost a month.  This documentary is a gift to all the  Coachella Valley labyrinths walkers and all labyrinth walkers and potential walks who live in other areas… may you always Walk in Beauty.

With special thanks to all those we met along the way.


We walk labyrinths in the Coachella Valley once a month.  Everyone LaQuinta Cove Labis welcome to walk with us! You can find us on Facebook or check our Upcoming Events.

We will be walking in January 2016 for seven consecutive days  from Sunday, January 3rd to Sunday, January 9th.  Please join with us!

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One thought on “Documentary Video: 26 Days Walking Labyrinths

  1. Annie, I loved participating in the labyrinth walks when we could, and the video is an inspiring summary of the meaning of labyrinths, as well as some really precious pieces from some of the walkers. Kudos to you our friend and inspiration.
    You have really nailed it beautifully with this thoughtful and gentle documentary of our happy times walking together in January 2015.
    di and lary

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