Escaping Creative Ruts

Escaping Creative Ruts

What is it that keeps us in a “creativity rut?” How do we escape these?

 Sometimes we may not feel like we are in a rut but we notice how our passion has dimmed. Have you tried any new creative moves recently?

If you always write non-fiction work, try writing a fairy tale. Or a children’s story. Perhaps as I suggest this you are quietly protesting. Does a fear come up that whispers you may have to work this a bit, change your “normal writing style” and even learn some new skills? Maybe you are concerned that you may not have a great and successful outcome the very first time. Of course you may not! It’s new!

So what are the advantages of trying something new?

How will this help us? Challenges help us grow. If we shake things up a bit we are no longer moving in automatic pilot. You are requiring your brain to actively process and grow with new skills. It’s the difference between shopping at the store you frequent where know exactly where everything is versus going to a new city and shopping in foreign situation. You are observing and seeking out new territory. You are no longer living automatically; you are now shopping with intention and attention. The stimulation will be apparent; you may even feel invigorated (or tired) when you are done.

It is easy to do the same old same old in our art. We settle into processes we have grown comfortable with an old pair of jeans. This is not a bad thing but if you want to dig deeper, write below the lines and create a work of art that sings bolder and further than previously, allow yourself to expand. Go beyond your traditional painting style. Pick up another instrument and play. You may eventually go back to your original modality and style but you will come back with eyes that have seen new beauty. Our expanded view will give us a fresh look at the creative processes.

Are you willing to take a risk and adventure this out? What have you tried recently that is different than your regular creative moves?

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