The Inner Creative Process of Michael Potter, Digital Photographer

The Inner Creative Process of Michael Potter, Digital Photographer

The Inner Creative Process of Michael Potter, Digital Photographer

When I viewed Michael Potter’s digital photography I was filled with delight. My eyes were oasis palms feasting upon beauty.

I met Michael and his wife, Brenda on a labyrinth walk and at that time I had not yet seen Michael’s photography. I later learned how Michael purchased his first digital camera when he was 46 and was inspired to create a more artistic rendering of the original photo image. His desire was to increase the dramatic and aesthetic appeal.

The creative process differs for various artists. I asked Michael what his inner creative process looks like.   “Usually,  an enhanced version of my original photo forms in my mind. I then try to capture and recreate the ‘inner image’ with editing and digital manipulation.”Michael Potter,digital photographer

“Open your mind and open your heart and the inspiration will come – the light within you will show you how it wants to emerge in your work!”  Michael Potter, Digital Photographer

Michael is motivated by the pleasure that others obtain from seeing his work. “I feel very good about myself to know that I can create something of beauty out of my own heart and mind that is appreciated by others. This (expression) can also be a way to further develop a sense of magic and mystery in my life. I try to create a metaphor for great spiritual ideas or “the Great Mystery” itself, such as the light being made manifest, or the light coming to life. This is very dear to my heart and part of my own personal journey: to give life to the light within myself.”

blue oak leaves“I’ve gotten better at being kind to myself…”

When I asked about creative blocks and discouragements Michael replied, “I’ve gotten better at being kind to myself. I also realize that some of the things I create do not appeal to some others. After all of my years of doing this, I have confidence that the inspiration will keep coming. One of the most powerful aids is the encouragement and support I get from all of the wonderful people who love and appreciate my work.”SUNNYLANDS M POTTER

Michaels work can be seen on Facebook and Google+.  Yes, he sells his images; please contact him through Facebook for further information.

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All photography on this page is the work of Michael Potter.


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