Storytelling is Good Medicine

Storytelling is Good Medicine

Storytelling is good medicine.  And we are having a blast

A few months ago we began an online storytelling class.   We, the storytellers, gather and tell our stories. We meet online in a video room so we can see each other, hear each other and talk with each other in “real time”. We have folks join us from all over the country.  Sometimes we use prompts and character voices and we sure do laugh a lot. Some of the stories are very touching. Others are playful. We find a lot of connection with one another in story. We have formed a community, a tribe.

Why are stories important? In an age of much technology, our stories reflect us and the lives we have lived. Our stories offer insight.  Often when we tell stories, we are sharing from the wealth of our lives. In this sharing we touch others. We are both heard and listened to. This creates powerfully good medicine for our souls.

This is what it looks like…

Chip Wickett tells his story at The Storytellers' Gathering
Chip Wickett tells his story at The Storytellers’ Gathering

Back in the days of the draft Chip Wickett served his country. In our gathering he recounted how he, as an artist, was a horrible soldier.  His story was a fabulous telling of adventure and humor.

It’s easy to join us.  We will make a recording of you telling your story if you wish…
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