What We Do

What We Do

Drumming for Our Health

pow wow womens drumcircle-9We offer amazing weekly Drumming/Rhythms classes that meet on Tuesdays as well as a monthly gathering at Gilda’s Club (in Palm Desert, CA) for those living with cancer. This is a joyful and powerful time of learning, connection and sharing!

This evidence-based protocol also provides medical benefits:

  • stress reduction
  • exercise
  • self-expression
  • support/camaraderie.

Facilitated by Remo trained Health Rhythms facilitator.

Circle of Words: Transformational Writing

circle of words brand photoThe Circle of Words is an opportunity for creative expression to unfold by utilizing writing and the blending of the arts.  Diane “Annie” Mathias, MA is a seasoned professional who teaches with gentle guidance and great wisdom. Her emphasis is empowering her participants to discover their “own voices” on the page.

Annie’s classes are not a typical creative writing endeavor; these sessions present an opportunity to grow, explore and create in a safe yet powerful setting.

Sound Work and Meditation

Pathways to mediation and relaxation can be greatly enhanced by vibratory sound.  We offer “Sound Workshops” to allow participants to personally experience the entering into a place of peaceful depth in a safe environment.

We offer a variety of vibrational instrumental experiences:

crystal bowls in living roomQuartz Crystal Bowls

Quartz crystal bowls are an amazing vibrational healing modality.  These bowls, which come in a variety of sizes and keys, are used to balance and harmonize the body, mind and spirit.

Annie Mathias’ session with her deep resounding bowls create a relaxed calming, cleansing, and deepening meditation practices.

gong with sotero-8Symphonic Gong

Symphonic Gong sessions create an environment for healing, relaxation and deep transformation.

We offer small group sessions led by gong master Sotero Bernal.  These are times that are both safe and extraordinary as the unfurling of  harmonious sound fills our entire being.  Discussion follows each session.

Al sound bath tradmark photo 4Didgeridoo, Voice and Indigenous Instruments

Didgeridoo, Voice and Indigenous Instruments create the powerful pallet of sound used by sound expert Al Hollinger.

Hollinger’s work is sought after by a variety of people groups, identifying him as a gifted facilitator.

AnnieDig5Interactive Sound Work For Groups

Interactive sound work for groups is a fabulous presentation for retreats and groups.

We provide all the instruments, it’s an experiential time to utilize many instruments with great success and team accomplishment. Mathias’ work includes mindful retreats, senior groups and special needs groups.

ANNIE PHOTO copyPresenter Annie Mathias, MA

Mathias is sought after as a professional speaker for bereavement groups, cancer support groups, holistic nurses, caregivers and arts in healthcare professionals.  With decades of expertise, her creative, interactive presentations teach with insight and inspiration.
Please contact Annie to schedule events.  (Fees and expenses will be discussed upon contact.)

Art Centered Workshops

OCEAN DRUM rick and nashWhether we are creating drums that sound like the ocean waves or intertwining grape vines to create our own beautiful holiday wreathes, the making of magic begins with the individual.  Each workshop is an opportunity to grow, delight and create a masterpiece in a supportive environment.

We offer a large variety of  art centered workshops. A few include:

In a recent drum making workshop we created hand made drums that generates the soothing sound of ocean waves. Instructor Nash Tavewa of the Zapotec people has dedicated his life to preserving not only the art of making musical instruments but also his language, culture and traditions of his people. Every participant created their own drum.

grapevine wreath with carmenCutting grapevines directly from the vines, we learned how to create these wreaths, then each one was individually decorated according to personal taste.

An afternoon of stress free, creative work brings people of all ages together in moments of beauty.

Working With Children

kids drum handsIn classrooms and interactive environments, our team brings the creative arts to youth of all ages.  Our interactive work teaches, inspires and allows perception of the arts to extend beyond  the everyday.  We work with mainstream as well as those with special needs.  Recommendations available upon request.

Annual Events

Music in the Pines

chip music in pinesWe come together to play music in a rustic  cabin setting in Running Springs, Ca.  Each year we gather, sharing a home cooked meal and then entering into a musical wonderland…diverse music is shared and enjoyed.  This is an annual fundraiser which has become a greatly anticipated event in the beauty of mountain and music.

IMG_0010Bring an instrument or sit back to enjoy the collective music.

Please visit our events page or contact us for further details and to reserve your spot.


MarkOur house concerts with award winning artist, Mark Holland is always a tremendous event.  Native flute master Mark Holland thrills his audience with beauty while gourmet appetizers and a silent auction create a memorable benefit.  Mark is a fabulous musician with over 30 CD’s; he brings new material to keep his audiences thrilled and asking for more…

nash concertNash Tavewa belongs to the Bene Walash (Zapotec) culture, north of Oaxaca, Mexico.  His people’s  culture of art, music, language and dance have been passed down from generation to generation.  Surrounded by family artists and musicians, he learned the art of making and playing flutes.   Nash has dedicated his life to preserving not only the art of making musical instruments but also the ancient pre-Spanish traditions, language and  culture of his people.

Writers’ Symposium

rainbowOur Writers’ Symposium is the presentation of  original work by our writers. During this time,  writers accompany  his/her  original work with their own art or music, sometimes dramatic readings.  Each symposium offers stunning and original work.

Featured photo courtesy of Barbara Hochberg.