annie portrait in desert  “As we learn to create from the heart, we unlock a great inner wisdom.  We  discover our authentic voices.    We become empowered and begin to heal from the inside out.   Uncovering Wonder is a stunning pathway that leads us back home. ” – Diane “Annie” Mathias, MA

A long time ago, Diane “Annie” Mathias discovered the power of the creative arts.  She believes that when we move from being in the audience to interacting personally with these creative arts, great wonder is uncovered!

Annie has created and taught numerous classes for a variety of people, including cancer survivors, the bereaved, seniors and youth.  She has taught in hospitals, healing centers as well as community focused training.  Annie teaches the cared-for and the caretakers; she allows the  art, writing and playing of music to bring forth transformation and healing.    Annie’s session are both safe and meaningful. “The Work” is her passion; she has been an expressive arts practitioner for decades, even before that term was used.

In 2010 Annie founded, Resources for Uncovering Wonder, a 501 (c) 3 non profit corporation.

R4UW logoThis passionately driven grass-roots organization is located in Palm Desert, CA .  Resources for Uncovering Wonder is dedicated to utilizing the creative process of art, music and writing to promote education, health, well being and empowerment.   Multicultural creative processes for individuals and groups of all ages in settings are used to enhance abilities to learn from interactive creative work.

 Now is the time to teach and encourage others to walk deeper in uncovering the wonder in their lives. 

When lives are touched with music, art or writing,  we are a changed people. And yet, the power and beauty of this work is still a field of unharvested beauty.  Annie and the Resources team desires to reach beyond their desert lands.

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Resources for Uncovering Wonder officially began operations January 1, 2011 with a generous grant from The Tony and Elizebeth Tanke Charitable Fund of the Lutheran Community Foundation.   Activities are funded by individual contributions, grants, corporate contributions and revenue from services provided.  The activities include expressive writing and/or art workshops, interactive music gatherings, classes and materials relating to the expressive work, concerts and cultural presentations.


Diane “Annie” Mathias, MA, of Palm Desert, California is President and Founder of this work. The Board of Directors includes Elizabeth Tanke, PhD, of Davis, CA, Tony Tanke, LLM of Davis, CA, William Timothy of Cambria, CA and Charles M. Wickett of Rancho Mirage, CA.

Resources for Uncovering Wonder provides gatherings, educational/experiential workshops,  and extended seminars in music, art and writing. 

Participants and presenters are of varied traditions, ages and cultures. The interactive workshops and presentations, provided in wellness centers, schools and other educational facilities, encourage healthy cognitive processing, positive group interactive skills, stress reduction and utilizing the creative processes in new and positive ways.   Mathias leads a team of qualified men and women in this California-based work, teaching and giving performances in cultural and indigenous music, creative writing expression and original art. The events involve the above art forms, as well as other performing arts by a volunteer performing troupe and other performing groups.  These teams offer a variety of creative programs, working with a spectrum of ages including children, at-risk youth, and the aging.

In 2016, Resources for Uncovering Wonder received another generous grant for operational expenses from The Tony and Elizebeth Tanke Charitable Fund of the InFaith Community Foundation.  InFaith_Logo_Tagline

Now in the sixth year, Resources for Uncovering Wonder reaches out further with internet teaching and activities extended beyond the Coachella Valley.  Please join with us.  Click the PAY NOW button on the rightside of this website to donate now!

Featured photo courtesy of Rod Cortright.