Video Conferencing Writing Classes

Video Conferencing Writing Classes

Finding our Words
With Diane “Annie” Mathias, MA

Do you have something to say? Of course you do! Everyone does.  And I’m really passionate about empowering others to discover how express this using their words. I am offering semi-private classes (5 people max per class) using amazing (and easy) technology so we can meet without leaving  home! No travel time, no gas…just you, your computer and internet service!

Why should I take, Finding Our Words?

Writing is a powerful modality. I help people find success and connection with others and themselves. Our online “writing tribe” is a safe place to express ourselves.   We grow in confidence and clarity about our lives. Everyone is heard. We have fun. We grow…

As a writing expert I will first say that the writing classes I teach are not about grammar and correct spelling. My style is to help you put into words what is rumbling around inside. As a professional writer, I know the importance of finding our words. I have facilitated many classes and I am now offering my teachings via video conferencing writing course.

I have found that writing is an excellent modality to express what is going on inside of us. I have taught writing as a way of freedom for many years. One student said to me, “You are the most conniving person! In the beginning I said I wasn’t a writer and now, after being in your class, I have a incredible collection of memoirs…”

Class Set-Up
  • This class is offered in sessions. Each session is 4 weeks long.  You enter into the classroom from your own home.
  • This set up is very easy to use.  You will need a computer with mic and camera. These are usually built in.  You will need internet service (no dial up)
  • 5 students per class maximum
  •  We will meet one time per week. You will weekly receive an email with a link  for  the next class meeting.  Merely click on the link and you will be transported into our room.
  • Each 4 week session costs $125.00 payable via PayPal. All sessions are paid for prior to class meetings.
  • You can continue to take sessions as long as you like.

Annie photo BWIf you have further questions, please contact me.  Classes are starting up now!